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<h2>A Family Gathering</h2>

A Family Gathering

‘A Family Gathering’
Hardcover, Softcover, eBook by Gene Cartwright: Past Pulitzer-nominated for Fiction.

"Where was God on May 15, 1974?

Ms. Cicely Tyson,
Tony-Award winner, Emmy-Award winner, Oscar-nominated actress: "
I have not been so moved by a novel, since first reading Alex's [Haley] book.” (Roots).


On a sweltering May 15, 1974, the twelve year-old daughter of a rural baptist preacher walked home from school, along a pine tree-lined, unpaved, Arkansas country road. Before she could arrive home, her first life ended. Then…

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Hardcover, Softcover, eBook

A Family Gathering -
by Gene Cartwright.

It was 1974, the South.
She was 12; he was 16.
She was black, the daughter of a poor
Baptist minister; he was white, the son of
immense wealth and privilege.

What happened on a hot day in May
changed life forever. His was unaffected,
until the passing of 14 years of her exile,
a vicious murder, a callous display of arrogance
and power, an unexpected visitor, and
'A Family Gathering.’

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179 reviews

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512 pages

Publisher: Falcon Creek Publishing Co. -
June 15, 2006
RePublished 2015
Language: English

ISBN-10: 0964975629 -
ISBN-13: 978-0964975620
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A Family Gathering
A Family Gathering

A Family Gathering -
by Gene Cartwright.

Where Was God, on May 15, 1974?

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Product details
512 pages

Publisher: Falcon Creek Publishing Co. -

ISBN-10: 0964975645
ISBN-13: 978-0964975644 div>

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