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Gene Cartwright
Pulitzer-Nominated Author and Former Oprah Guest

Cicely Tyson
After viewing this bio,
Please see what Award-winning actress,
and film legend Ms Cicely Tyson has to say about
Gene's Pulitzer-Nominated novel, 'A Family Gathering.'

A Look Back!
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After viewing this bio, Please see what Award-winning actress, and film legend Ms Cicely Tyson has to say about Gene's Pulitzer-Nominated novel, A Family Gathering.

a native of Texas. He often says it was his great fortune to be born at the right address— the home of his parents. Gene insists his love of writing and learning was sparked by his mother, who taught him to read when he was barely four. His father taught him, by his daily life examples, how to apply what he learned.

Gene was fascinated,
captured by the freedom reading afforded. What was more, he read and was inspired to put his own words to paper. He has always enjoyed both technical and literary pursuits. He wrote his first novel at 12. (90 pages longhand.) Also, at age 12, he was working with a local electrician actually wiring new homes and retrofitting older homes. Gene graduated high school and headed immediately to college Prairie View A&M.).

Four years later,
and for almost 8 years thereafter, during what he now refers to as another life, Gene was an electrical engineer, designing lighting and power distribution systems. He next founded and owned a very successful consumer electronics company in Houston, Texas.

A few years later,
he saddled up and headed west. While he doesn't mind talking about working as an environmental engineer with the Air Quality Management District in California, he does not reveal much about his debut at the Improv as a guitarist and singer.

Throughout his engineering pursuits
and business activities, Gene continued to write and dream of being a published and a full-time author. In 1996, that dream was realized. Gene has written 8 novels. a book of poetry, and several screenplays. For two years, his book tour for 'I Never Played Catch With My Father,' took him from coast to coast:

He has appeared on numerous television

and radio programs, including Oprah, NPR stations and countless TV morning shows, news and sports shows. He has been the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles. Gene was the featured author in Ebony Magazine in the November '97 issue.

A Baseball First:
Gene was the first novelist ever interviewed on KNBR, The San Francisco Giants' flagship radio station. In 1997 he was interviewed for 30 minutes, in evening drive-time, about his novel, I Never Played Catch With My Father.

Gene's greatest childhood thrill was his very first little league baseball game. And his pet peeve? Something he labels sacrilegious: the use of the aluminum baseball bats.


The KLIF Radio interview below explains the reason two images appear. In that twenty-five minute interview, on a Dallas, Texas nationally syndicated sports show, the host honestly acknowledges and apologizes for his bias. This was one of the best interviews I have experienced. The host, Kevin McCarthy was and is one of the best. He was direct, honest, and genuine. Near the beginning of the interview he said:

"Now I know why you did not put your picture on your book. If I had seen your face on the cover of your book, I confess I would have dismissed it as a "Black Thing."

While not so candidly expressed by others, I am certain this sentiment has played out in the attitudes of literary agents, and others in the publishing industry and entertainment industry. I, and other African Americans push forward, accepting no less than our best efforts to be the best we can be.

Too bad others do not have the honesty of a Kevin McCarthy who said the experience taught him something he would never forget.

Dallas, KLIF Radio Interview
1997 During National Book Tour.

Gene's tour for I Never Played Catch With My Father, took him coast-to-coast, where appeared on numerous radio and television shows, including an Oprah invite.

All these years later, this interview, at Dallas's KLIF, remain one of his favorites.
This novel, which continues to be a big seller, is as relevant today as then—maybe more


From The Miami Herald:

"Why Can't A Black Man Write About White Folk?"
Published Monday, July 7, 1997, in the Miami Herald


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